CLASS: Chakras and Essential Oils

May 02, 2018

Chakras and Essential Oils

Join us in a Summer Series Workshop regarding the 7 main chakras and their correspondences. This includes, colors, mantras, hand positions, Essential Oils, stones, and some herbs. You will learn how to cleanse and balance your chakras using Essential Oil blends and natural stones. This series will be one day a month and you will learn 2-3 chakras on that day. You will also be doing a brief grounding session and meditation before and after each lesson. In the final class we will be doing a full chakra cleansing and balancing along with meditation. Chakra Kits available for purchase. Each kit contains a different Essential Oil blend for each of the 7 main chakras along with a natural stone to correspond with each chakra. Kits are regularly $24.00 but you will be able to purchase it for $20.00 at the first class.

Contact Kathy Klug to Register for the Class @573-535-0074


Date: Sunday, June 10th, July 15th, and August 12th

Time: 10-1:30

Place: Cheryl’s Herbs

Cost: $40 per class or $100.00

   for all 3 classes if paid in full

       at time of registration. ($20 savings)

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